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Website Reader

Your articles are brilliant — man, did they resonate! The first one, Searching for Bad News, was especially helpful for me. I am excited to share your writing. As you …


I wanted to thank you for your articles “Searching for bad news, and the follow up article for the “You did Something” group. Your article allowed me to see what …


I just wanted to say THANK YOU so much for your writings: “Searching for bad news…” has helped me IMMENSELY to understand how my brain works and how I can …

(Reader, Canada)

Hello Heather, I just read your article…Searching for Bad News….and a few others….and found comfort in doing so. It described me and what I am currently going through. I appreciate …


Hi Dr. Stone, I read your article titled “Searching for Bad News.” It felt like someone wrote down all my thoughts from the past year, which have been confusing and …

OCD Spokesperson/Liaison

Dr. Stone, In addition to treatment, your article on “Searching for Bad News” made a huge impact in my recovery. I am currently proposing a talk/panel for the IOCDF Conference …


“This is the first article I’ve read that describes exactly what I feel and the unwanted behaviors I engage in . . . I felt so understood by your article. It makes me feel less crazy and more validated that this is an actual problem I am dealing with and that my thought patterns do not actually represent the truth. It’s tiring to be constantly afraid. Your clients are very lucky to have such a great therapist!”

(Reader, Canada).

“I decided I needed to reach out to you and say thank you. It provided some relief internally. You’ve given me the ability to verbalize how I feel and think. . . I know it’s going to be an uphill battle…and I’m going to need some help. Thank you again for the article. I needed to read it.”

(Reader, Canada)

“I came across your site and I just want to tell you how wonderful I think it is and how incredibly helpful your articles were and are to me. I could see myself over and over in so much of what you describe and your suggestions for coping . . . are so, so helpful. Thank you so much for being so generous as to allow people to read these articles without cost. . . there are people out here that you are helping so much.”

(Reader, Los Angeles)

“Hi Heather, I just finished reading your work . . . and was amazed about how it resonates, pinpoints and deeply explores issues I have been battling my whole life. Thank you!”