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Your Path to Recovery

Come over to the right side – your path to recovery. Choose the right kind of hard. Use better coping skills. Experience the change. Encourage yourself. Leave us a comment …


Cognitive Distortions

Catastrophizing: You tell yourself that the very worst is happening or is going to happen. Overestimating Probabilities/ Underestimating Coping Response: You overestimate difficulty or danger while underestimating your ability to …


What Are My Coping Skills?

BE PRACTICALDo you have directions? Contact numbers? A plan or goal? Money? The right clothes? Phone charged? Snacks/water? Enough time to get some place? And, do you need to be …

Spiritual Tools

How to Practice Willingness

Many psychological approaches based in Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy and other mindfulness-based therapies propose willingness as an effective technique for coping with a variety of symptoms. I agree …