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Heather Stone, Ph.D.

Clinical Psychologist, PSY 21112

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Meridian University, Petaluma, California.
2005:  Doctor of Philosophy, Clinical Psychology.

American Commonwealth University, San Diego, California.
1987:  Master of Arts, Psychology, with Specialization in Counseling Psychology.

International College, Los Angeles, California.
1985:  Bachelor of Arts, Psychology.


Licensed Psychologist 

  • Feb. 2007 – Present
    Private Practice, Santa Rosa, California.
    Private practice setting specializing in the treatment of anxiety disorders, depression, postpartum anxiety and depression, and posttraumatic stress disorder.  Provide Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), relaxation training, assertiveness training, and psycho-education to adults and adolescents utilizing evidence-based treatment. Provide ongoing assessment of client progress through the use of psychological measures.  Provide clinical consultation/training to individual therapists, medical professionals, and agencies in the community.

California Psychological Association

  • 2010 – 2012
    Colleague Assistance and Support Program (CLASP)
    Approved provider of educational and psychological services to California Psychologists; support CLASP’s mission to reduce stress, distress and/or impairment in the lives of California psychologists while enhancing the general health and mental well-being of members of the profession.

California Board of Psychology, Subject Matter Expert

  • 2008
    California Board of Psychology, Sacramento, California. 
    Participated within a seven-person team of experts in the development of the California Psychology Supplemental Examination.

United States Coast Guard, Contract Service Provider

  • Sept. 2006 – Dec. 2008
    United States Coast Guard, Family Advocacy Program
    Perform assessment, crisis intervention, and/or ongoing psychotherapy to individuals and families experiencing domestic violence, substance abuse, relocation issues, special needs, and child abuse and/or neglect.  Collaboration with Family Advocacy Specialist in treatment planning, clinical issues, and safety issues.  Provide verbal and written reports with recommendations for treatment.

Licensed Psychologist

  • Nov. 2006 –  Mar. 2008
    St. Joseph Health System, Partial Hospitalization Program, Behavioral Health.
    Santa Rosa Memorial Hospital, Santa Rosa, California.
    Petaluma Valley Hospital, Petaluma, California.
    Facilitated psycho-education and therapy groups, incorporating approved curriculum and standard group facilitation techniques.  Conducted initial assessments of new clients; developed, reviewed, and updated treatment plans and incorporated input from treatment team.  Attended treatment planning meetings; participated in discharge planning; and monitored medical records.  Provided crisis intervention and conflict resolution.  Assessed the degree of danger to self or others as well as grave disability, and made arrangements for 5150.  Assessed for suspected domestic violence, child or adult dependent abuse, and provided appropriate intervention based on hospital policy.  Made appropriate referrals to community services for aftercare and long-term support.

Program Director, Anxiety Disorders Treatment Program

  • Aug.2004 –   Feb. 2007
    Ananda Institute, Santa Rosa, California.
    Created and launched the Anxiety Disorders Treatment Program at a non-profit outpatient clinic, which subsequently received a $20,000.00 grant to treat children, adolescents and adults suffering from anxiety.  Expanded agency’s services to include individual therapy, groups, and psycho-education for the treatment of anxiety disorders.  Selected and ordered state-of-the-art assessment tools and client workbooks.  Wrote a training manual for therapists outlining diagnostic criteria, medical concerns, medications, assessment, clinical interventions, and treatment protocol.  Provided ongoing training to staff and interns.

Clinical Psychologist

  • Aug. 2004 –  Feb. 2007
    Ananda Institute, Santa Rosa, California.
    Provided psychotherapy to clients in Anxiety Disorders Treatment Program and Community Counseling Services.  Provided supervision to doctoral level interns.  Participated in clinical rounds; presented 8-minute client summaries to team; attended and/or provided didactics; attended case conferences; created treatment plans and treatment summaries.  Collaborated with and/or provided written reports to psychiatrists, primary care physicians, attorneys, and referral sources, including Sonoma County Mental Health (Child Protective Services), Family Court/ Mediation Services, the Veterans Administration, the U.S. Coastguard, and Jewish Family Services.

Intake Specialist

  • July 2005 –  Feb. 2007
    Ananda Institute, Santa Rosa, California.
    Conducted intake interviews for Anxiety Disorders Treatment Program and Community Counseling Services.  Wrote intake summaries including multi-axial working diagnoses.  Conducted patient triage and assisted Clinical Director in assigning new cases; presented new cases to team. Trained Intake Coordinator; created Standard Operating Procedure for intake positions.

Juvenile Probation Counseling Coordinator and Kids Project Coordinator

  •  Aug. 2003 –  May 2004
    Drug Abuse Alternative Center, Santa Rosa, California.
  • Youth Program:  Liaison between drug rehabilitation agency and Sonoma County Juvenile Probation Department.  Participated in bi-weekly multi-disciplinary team to assess the needs of troubled youth at Juvenile Hall.  Facilitated Life Skills Group; Pregnancy Group; and Making Choices Group.  Conducted intake interviews; screenings; and assessments, including Addiction Severity Index (“ASI”) at agency and on site at two high schools.  Provided case management; oversaw drug testing; and monitored attendance.  Synthesized data from countywide school-based program, (Toward No Drugs), and created narrative and statistical report.  Collaborated with Sonoma County Mental Health and Office of Education; residential programs; and other agencies, at Consortium for Kids Project.
  • Adult ProgramFacilitated Women’s Process Group and Perinatal Group.  Orchestrated and co-facilitated drug Intervention.  Provided crisis counseling to adults as part of emergency response team to residential recovery program.

Psychological Assistant

  •  Dec. 1997 –    Dec. 2003
    Center for Anxiety and Stress, Santa Rosa, California.
    Psychological Assistant to Jeffery R. Martin, Ph.D.  Provided individual, exposure-based, cognitive-behavioral therapy to adults and adolescents with anxiety disorders; facilitated Women’s Group; performed psychological research; co- created training video for seminars and workshops.

Assistant Program Director

  •  Sept. 1999 –  Feb. 2002
    Buckelew Programs:  The Avenue, Napa California.
    Directed Supported Living Program.  Supervised front line staff, and provided education and training.  Provided one-to-one counseling to adult residents; conducted intake interviews and hospital assessments; and conducted treatment team meetings.  Carried emergency pager and provided emergency response to ensure the safety and stabilization of decompensated clients.  Facilitated Symptom Management Group; Vocational Group; Women’s Group; and House Meetings.  Provided outreach and support services to Napa County community clients living outside of Program.  Participated in weekly Consortium meetings with Napa County Mental Health; collaborated with County case managers; Crisis Team; Child Protective Services; and Adult Services of Napa County.  Responsible for Medi-Cal audits and maintenance of client files in compliance with Medi-Cal regulations.

Patient Evaluation Coordinator/Urgent Care Coordinator

  •  July 1996 – Sept. 1998
    Kaiser Permanente, Dept. of Psychiatry, Santa Rosa, California.
    Coordinated psychiatric services for children and adults.  Conducted intake interviews and assessments; made referrals for medication, psychotherapy, chemical dependency, and health education; provided patient triage; acted as liaison between patients, clinicians, and community resources.  Provided back-up and relief for Urgent Care Coordinator.

Psychological Assistant

  • July 1995 – Aug. 1997
    Petaluma Valley Hospital, Behavioral Health, Petaluma, California.
     Psychological Assistant to Steven R. Hubert, Ph.D.  Provided individual psychotherapy to adults and seniors; participated in treatment planning with staff.  Wrote psychological evaluations and reports to Social Security, Workers Compensation, Probation Officers, and Hospital Admissions

Bereavement Counselor

  • Sept. 1994 –  May 1996
    Hospice of Petaluma, Petaluma, California.
    Provided individual and group psychotherapy to children, adults and seniors in grief.  Conducted psychosocial assessments of bereavement clients, hospice patients, and their families; provided emergency response to elementary school; provided counseling to terminally ill patients; provided referral services; collaborated with outside mental health professionals.

Educational and Volunteer Services:

  • 2013
    Self Care Forum for Psychotherapists
    Redwood Psychological Association, Sonoma County, California.
    Guest Speaker/Presenter: “The Paradoxical Role of Compassion in Therapists’ Self Care.” Part of a four-person team of presenters hosting a continuing education and wellness workshop for psychotherapists. Presented the paradoxical role of compassion and its potential to reduce burnout while increasing resilience, enthusiasm, and fulfillment for the therapist.
  • 2012
    Lomi Clinic, Santa Rosa, California.
    Guest Speaker/Presenter: “An Introduction to Acceptance and Commitment Therapy.”  Provided training workshop for licensed psychotherapists, interns and staff.
  • 2011
    Redwood Psychological Association, Sonoma County, California.
    Guest Speaker/Presenter: “An Introduction to Acceptance and Commitment Therapy.”  Provided continuing education seminar for licensed psychologists.
  • 2007-2008
    Santa Rosa City Schools and Sonoma County Office of Education  
    Consultant to Santa Rosa City Schools and Sonoma County Office of Education, Alternative Education Department.  Co-presenter at California League of Middle Schools and California League of High Schools on issues of bullying and disruptive behaviors.  Co-presenter at two Safety Conferences in Lake Tahoe and Sacramento, CA. Introduced and discussed the potential uses of cognitive-behavioral techniques for skill- building, emotional regulation, and classroom management.
  • 2007
    12-Step Recovery Group, Santa Rosa, California.
    Guest Speaker/Presenter at 12-step recovery group for Compulsive Hoarding.
  • 2005-2007
    Sonoma County Court Appointed Special Advocates (“CASA”)
    Professional consultation in bi-monthly case reviews involving placement issues, medication protocols, treatment plans/implementation, clinical red flags, and advocate relationships. Speaker/Presenter: Anxiety and Our Youth, Nov. 2007.


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